Inspired by luxury and motivated by urban culture, Christian Advisory is a progressive, positive urbanwear company dedicated 2 Sharing Faith through fashion by combining innovative designs and premium workmanship. The Christian Advisory Experience offers everything from high-end gear including jackets, jewelry and backpacks to extended tees and hoodies. CA represents a growing movement of individuality in modern urban faith and fashion through Quality Apparel. The term “Wear Your Faith” was coined to encourage active participation and unification of a growing and enthusiastic market of fashionable faith wearers.

​​Birthed in 2013 and Based in Atlanta, GA, Christian Advisory was re-launched in 2017 with the vision to use fashionable urban gear and accessories to share and inspire individuals to boldly wear their faith. Our premium apparel is manufactured with the highest quality meeting the standard of both professionals and young adults while displaying inspiring and uplifting messages and insignias, i.e., The number 13 signifies that the wearer bears the responsibility of being the 13th Disciple.

​​Whether the brand is worn to represent your faith and minister or to make a fashion statement, Christian Advisory is definitely a step above your average Christian apparel brand.

​​John 1:12 But to all who did receive him, who believed in his name, he gave the right to become Children of God.